Maria Nicholas

UX and Product Design Leadership

Hello! I’m a mission-driven user experience and product design leader with more than two decades of experience encompassing a wide range of creative disciplines. I’m recognized for my strong design vision, highly collaborative working style, and consistent delivery of outstanding results.

signature strengths

  • Design Facilitation: I’m an experienced design thinking facilitator, skilled in organizing and leading productive co-creation and product visioning engagements with both cross-functional partners and external customers.

  • Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: I foster extensive, meaningful collaboration across diverse disciplines, bridging gaps between departments and encouraging the exchange of ideas across silos to produce innovative, well-rounded solutions.

  • Creative Mentorship: I’m an enthusiastic and dedicated creative mentor who is passionate about guiding and nurturing emerging talent in the field of design.

professional experience



As Director of User Experience at Skillsoft, I have the privilege of leading dynamic UX design and research teams in optimizing new and current product experiences for Percipio, an acclaimed learning experience platform.


Moody’s Analytics

During my time as Director of User Experience at Moody’s Analytics, I led a global team of design, research, content strategy, and front-end development professionals in support of subscription-based web applications for credit risk professionals. I spearheaded transformative initiatives in this pivotal role, paving the way for product design innovation and fostering a culture of design excellence within the organization.


Kaplan Test Prep

As Executive Director of UX and Digital Product Design at Kaplan Test Prep, I led a major overhaul of an educational platform through active, continuous engagement with customers and stakeholders. I introduced dual-track Agile practices to streamline development and earned recognition through a Continuous Transformation Award for driving successful product development initiatives.

passion pursuits


Teaching and Mentoring

I’m a part-time instructor at General Assembly, where I guide aspiring professionals in immersive courses and workshops in user experience and visual design. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to influence the next wave of industry leaders through teaching.

I’ve also recently been accepted as a mentor in the NN/g UX-Certified Mentorship Program. I'm excited to contribute to the growth and success of fellow practitioners in the field.


Designing Books for Print

I’m not only passionate about digital design, but also enjoy crafting beautifully designed books in my spare time. Each book I’ve designed reflects my dedication to compelling visual experiences on and off the screen and is a tangible intersection of my professional expertise and personal interests.